LIVING: FOOD OF LOVE; Secret Behind Why These Expectant Stars Look So good.(Features)

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THEY are the stars who have managed to make maternity cool.

Forget feeling fat and frumpy, these glamourous celebs all look fabulous.

In a special Sunday Mercury feature, leading pregnancy nutritionist Fiona Wilcock gives her verdict on what the mums are eating to make them look happy and healthy.

Fiona has written the Complete Pregnancy Cookbook to help mothers create dishes that are good for them - and their babies.NATASHA HAMILTONATOMIC Kitten Natasha, 19, is due to give birth to a baby boy in August. She and her fianc, Westlife minder Fran Cosgrove, 24, are young parents but Natasha plans to continue her pop career.

Fiona says: 'Natasha is one of the younger mums-to-be in the celeb world right now. A key concern for her should be to make sure she has lots of calcium-rich foods to supply not only the baby's bones but her own, too. Up until the midto late-20s bones continue to gain in density and the denser the bone, the more protection there is against osteoporosis in later life.

'For a calcium boost Natasha could try making a smoothie, eating a yogurt every day, or eating mashed canned fish with bones.'

This information was given without details of individual health and medical requirements.

Every mum-to-be should check with her GP, midwife, or obstetrician for specific advice.GAIL PORTERTV PRESENTER Gail, 31, became pregnant despite announcing she would never have children. She and husband Dan Hipgrave, a member of rock band Toploader, are said to be delighted about the baby, which is due next month.

Fiona says: 'In the last trimester heartburn can often be a problem because the internal organs become increasingly squashed bythe baby. To cope with the symptoms, Gail should be eating a little and often, rather than three large meals a day. She should also avoid fizzy drinks, spicy or fatty foods.'


VICTORIA, 28, is expecting her second child in September.

The singer, hubby David Beckham and their threeyear-old son Brooklyn plan to move to Heawood Hall in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, before the baby is born.

Fiona says: 'As she is already a mum, Victoria doesn't have the luxury of being able to

rest because she has Brooklyn to run around after.

'Easy dishes that all the family can eat become even more important to save her time in the kitchen. Victoria could also try making double batches of meals so she can freeze them for another day.

'Soups such as butternut squash and carrot are brilliant for freezing and their sweet taste make them appealing to all ages.'


SEX and the City star Sarah, 37, and her actor husband Matthew Broderick are expecting their first baby in September.

The star worked through her early pregnancy and is said to have suffered badly from morning sickness.

Fiona says: 'It can be really hard to continue working in pregnancy, especially in a high-profile job when you are feeling sick.

'Sarah could have tried

keeping some dry biscuits or crackers beside the bed to nibble in the morning or use the age-old remedy of ginger. 'Eating smaller meals, such as sandwiches, can also help.

'Starchy foods that provide energy over several hours, like breads and pasta, are preferable to 'energy burst' foods such as chocolate bars, biscuits and sweet drinks. …