Defense Acquisition University/Defense Systems Management College Introduces Online International Acquisition Course. (Education and Training)

Article excerpt

For over five years, the Defense Acquisition University, Defense Systems Management College, has offered a full program of international acquisition training and education at the intermediate level and beyond. It has been comprised of a family of international acquisition courses and continuous learning opportunities to prepare the acquisition workforce for the many challenges of international acquisition programs. Recently, an online training opportunity was added for the entry level. This course is primarily intended for acquisition workforce personnel, but Security Assistance and Foreign Disclosure personnel who play some role in international cooperative programs could benefit as well. The following is a brief description of the entire program.


There are three international acquisition courses in the program. They are designated as Assignment Specific Mandatory for the acquisition workforce. The courses also are designated as desired and required formal training under the new Department of Defense International Affairs Certification and Career Development Guidelines.

Multinational Program Management Course (PMT 202). This course emphasizes the National Security policy of engagement by encouraging armaments cooperation and interoperability with our allies. Students develop an understanding of how to be effective in an international defense acquisition program. Key national, DoD, and Service policies on international cooperative development, production, and support are explored.

International Security and Technology Transfer/Control Course (PMT 203). This course is a comprehensive review of security and technology transfer/control issues found in international acquisition programs.

Advanced International Management Workshop (PMT 304). This workshop explores issues associated with international negotiation of cooperative acquisition project agreements. Specific topics include negotiation preparation, authority to negotiate and conclude, DoD policies and experiences, and the role of executive departments and the Congress. Upon course completion, students are able to prepare and negotiate an international acquisition project agreement.

Continuous Learning

The DAU/DSMC international acquisition continuous learning program consists primarily of two annual international seminars and a biannual forum.

International Seminars

DAU/DSMC has formed strategic arrangements with Atlantic and Pacific partners. With Atlantic partners, we have been conducting an annual international acquisition/procurement seminar with defense acquisition educational institutions in the United Kingdom, Germany and France for fourteen years on a rotational basis. The fourteenth Atlantic Seminar is scheduled for July 2002 in Paris, France. …