Review: Laying Bare the Holiday Frivolity; TELEVISION: Light Documentaries Provided Good Analysis of Popular Culture

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Byline: Duncan Higgitt

Streakers: They're at it Again HTV Saturday

You Dancin'? I'm Askin' C4/S4C, Monday

GOD bless Bank Holiday telly and its low brow pleasures.

After all, it's holiday time, and this reviewer, just back from the Continent and working hard to swerve serious Beeb drama and ITV cop thrillers, was in need of a bit of a larf to accompany all that lovely jubbly self-imported alcohol.

But - Ha! Ha! - we were being fooled. For beneath their frivolity, with the exception of the out-and-out enjoyable dumbness of Britain's Sexiest, were well executed dissections of contemporary popular culture.

Streakers, you might cynically assume, was a tardy excuse for showing a few bobbing last turkeys in the shop, belonging to some of the palest and most pathetic life forms since Gollum the Ring junkie graced our screens.

But what we got was a run through all the issues surrounding this peculiarly British obsession, including how national values feed into it.

We had the stripper from Scotland who made headlines by allegedly putting Tiger Woods off his - ahem - stroke.

The programme also had little hesitation in delving into the more disturbing aspects of streaking, even though we usually call it exposure, and few of us confuse the two.

But mostly it was a chance to have a damn good laugh at people willing to make fools of themselves for our entertainment, a celebration of a pastime that long may continue.

You Dancin'? I'm Askin? was a fine way to squeeze the very last minutes of leisure from the Bank Holiday weekend.

It was fronted by Iain Lee, currently all over your television screens like a rash, only twice as annoying. But, fair play, he made a good fist of linking a subject that has at one time or another affected all of us. It began with the killer stroke - the school disco, taking only seconds to provide animated Chenin Blanc-fuelled teenage recollections on the Higgitt couch.

We went through every aspect of shaking your thang, from Come Dancing to bodypopping to Britney Bloody Spears. …