Londonderry Speeds Ahead with Broadband Internet Access

Article excerpt

TELECOMS giant NTL has revealed that its high speed broadband internet access service will be available to homes in the Londonderry area from the beginning of next month.

Home users will be able to download audio, video and data at super-fast speeds. Interactive games, video streaming with more realistic images, audio with enhanced sound, IP-based telephony and video messaging are just some of the applications of broadband technology.

NTLs broadband service enables customers to use the internet and email without tying up the telephone line, for a fixed monthly charge.

Ian Jeffers, managing director of NTL Home in Northern Ireland, said the service is ideal for anyone who uses the internet regularly and is fed up with downloads taking forever.

Theres nothing more tedious than waiting to download from the internet using traditional dial-up its like watching paint dry.

NTLs broadband is an amazingly fast service which opens up a whole new world for internet users. …