School Guide: Learning Comes First: KINGS NORTON HIGH.(Features)

Article excerpt

KINGS Norton High School continues to move forward after a pleasing Ofsted Inspection earlier this year. The school was noted for its clear leadership, its provision for gifted and talented pupils, the effective work of the learning mentors, pupils' social development and the wide range of extra curricular activities.

This was a pleasing endorsement for the school that has 'Learning Comes First' as its core value, which can be seen in large notices all around the school, and can be explained by all pupils.

High quality teaching and a commitment to learning and to success are at the heart of everything the school does, underpinned by values of courtesy, consideration and respect.

The school's curriculum enrichment activities include a highly successful annual combined studies visit to France, where pupils put their learning into practice by speaking French and visiting war sites, coastlands and Monet's garden to support their history, geography and art studies.

Activities closer to home include the activities camp for year 9 pupils to the Forest of Dean.

All through the year pupils in different year groups take part in field study visits, museum trips, sports visits and history study visits to support their learning. Pupils who are part of the schools gifted and talented programme have opportunities to take courses as varied as sculpture and Japanese.

Sport plays a big part of the work at Kings Norton High School, with numerous successful teams, excellent facilities, and activities all year round run in conjunction with the school's leisure centre. …