Jenda: A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies 2000. (New and Newly Discovered Periodicals)

Article excerpt

JENDA: A JOURNAL OF CULTURE AND AFRICAN WOMEN STUDIES 2000-. Co-eds.: Nkiru Nzegwu, Mojubaolu Okome, & Oyeronke Oyewumi. 3/yr. ISSN: 1530-5686. Published by Africa Resource Center, Inc. Free; online only (sign up via website to receive email notice when new issues are published). Email:; website: http:// (Issues examined: v.1, no. 1, 2000; v.1, no.2, 2001)

This peer-refereed journal's co-editors are currently at Binghamton University, Brooklyn College, and SUNY-Stonybrook, respectively. The advisory and editorial boards draw from universities in Ghana, Zanzibar, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Canada, and the U.S. The journal "is committed to disseminating to as wide an audience as possible the research findings, analyses, and interpretations of scholars whose field is African Women studies." Editor Nzegwu writes in the premiere issue of the main objectives of Jenda: "the first is to create a space from which to theorize our experiences, presently marginalized in today's global context of unequal economic relations; and the second is to wrest ourselves from the mould of stereotypical assumptions in which this international economic order and its attendant culture of hierarchy have cast us. …