Set Kids' Goals at Parent-Teacher Conferences

Article excerpt

Byline: Lynne Rauch

District 54 staff is hoping that a majority of our parents take the opportunity Thursday and Friday to attend parent conferences.

Actually, we are hoping that many of our students also have the opportunity to attend their conference with their parents. Over the last few years, District 54 has offered some changes in our conferencing. The opportunity for student attendance is a good example. I'd like to share a few reminders and some hints I hope you'll find helpful for the fall conferences.

The focus of fall conferences is goal setting. Conferences are held early in the school year for this specific purpose. Consequently, the first conference is not the time to receive grades or written reports regarding students. Report cards will be given to parents at the end of October.

However, having a good knowledge of academic strengths and weaknesses of your student will be helpful in setting goals. Progress in past school years, as well as current work, provide good information for goal setting.

With regard to setting specific goals, one should keep in mind the following information. Is there any academic area that needs more attention than another? For example, is math a challenge for your student? If so, what needs to be happening daily in the classroom, as well as at home, to improve those math skills? What is an appropriate goal for improvement in math skills?

Secondly, are there any goals with respect to improving character or social adjustment that need to be met? Perhaps a student needs to have more experiences in working cooperatively in groups. …