When Justice Is a Sick Joke

Article excerpt

It could be chaos NO one should be greatly surprised that career crook Brendon Fearon is seeking damages from Tony Martin, the man who shot him and a teenage accomplice while they were burgling his Norfolk home.

What can one expect when our outofcontrol compensation culture joins forces with a criminal justice system that has thrown common sense and traditional moral values overboard?

When Britain's Lord Chief Justice, Lord Woolf, decrees that those who rob and defile our homes should not be jailed, it's little wonder that burglars start thinking the judicial climate is right for trying to extract compensation from their victims.

Fearon wants more than pound sterling15,000 for 'loss of earnings' caused by the gunshot wounds he sustained when he led the raid on Martin's farmhouse. Isn't that a bit rich coming from a man who has hardly done an honest day's work in his life?

He is also claiming for various stressrelated conditions. As Oscar Wilde said of the death of Little Nell: you would need a heart of stone not to laugh.

But with the courts now operating under the smug liberal sway of Lord Chief 'Injustice' Woolf, who can predict what a judge considering such a claim might decree?

The way things are going, it cannot be long before Lord Woolf and his colleagues decide that burglars be allowed to sue their intended victims, to save themselves the bother of having to break into their homes in the first place.

In today's Britain, with its surreal, topsyturvy values, who would be rash enough to bet against it ever happening?

THIS Government taking over the lottery? You don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell says such a move would ensure that the lottery 'works for the public good . . . and represents value for money'.

Isn't that a bit rich coming from a representative of an administration that has repeatedly shown that it couldn't run a whelk stall? …