Health: How I Got a New Face forChristmas; Emma Johnson Describes How Linda Joined the Young Ones . .

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Byline: Emma Johnson

THIS Christmas grandmother Linda Deakin is giving herself a very special present. Rather than chocolates and slippers, she has treated herself to a new face . . . or rather, a younger version of the old one.

And it's all part of a grand plan. When Linda hit 60 earlier this year, rather than slip silently into old age she decided it was time to start pampering herself.

Out went the cigarettes and in came a new healthy lifestyle and facials and, after steering clear of the stuff since she retired from her job as a civil servant, she even started wearing make-up again.

It was when Linda was having treatment for thread veins on her face that she first considered doing something about her wrinkles and a non-surgical mini facelift sounded ideal.

Linda, who lives with her husband Ken in Wallasey, says: ``I have never been the vainest of people but on my birthday this year I decided to make a difference and started looking after myself.

``I said I would quit smoking after 30 years, get my hair done and get my face up to scratch. I firmly believe it is never too late.

``My children had paid for me to have my thread veins done on my face and it was during one of the sessions that I was asked if I'd ever thought about having the lines done on my face.

``I hadn't but I was interested. It sounded like a great way to look a bit fresher and not have this tired old face anymore. So I treated myself for Christmas.''

Linda was put in touch with Rodney Street doctor Andrew Zsigmond.

He gave her a combination of three treatments: Botox injections - for the lines around her eyes and forehead; New-Fill injections - for the lines between her nose and mouth; and Hylaform to banish the creases from her upper lip.

The whole treatment required three sessions with the doctor but Linda says it was worth every penny for the results.

``I had never had anything like this done before and I was really nervous, I'm terrified of needles,'' she says. …