Airline Security Campaign Takes off.(BUSINESS)(ADVERTISING &Amp; MARKETING)

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Byline: Donna De Marco, THE WASHINGTON TIMES

The busy travel season is coming to a close, but the Transportation Security Administration is still taking off with its newest public awareness campaign.

"Prepare for Takeoff," the national education initiative that provides airline passengers with updated security measures and traveling tips, made its debut in November - just before the mad rush of holiday travel began.

But that was just the beginning, as TSA continues to run the program and plans to expand it to other modes of transportation.

The campaign was developed to "educate the public to make their journey not only secure but smooth," says TSA spokesman Brian Doyle. "This is an ongoing process."

The program, through its new Web site,, provides travelers with information ranging from airport security procedures and baggage checkpoints to packing tips and restricted items on airplanes.

The TSA has relied on marketing partners to get the word out about the site and the overall program. Dozens of associations, many in the travel industry, and their members have signed on to distribute the travel tips and promote the campaign.

Mr. Doyle says it has been fairly easy selling the idea of this program to the partners, who range from the American Society of Travel Agents and the National Business Travel Association to the Air Transport Association and the American Hotel & Lodging Association. These groups have been severely affected by the September 11 terrorist attacks, which resulted in the new aviation security measures.

Airports have linked the Web site to their sites, helping travelers navigate more easily. To get user attention, Albany International Airport (www.albanyairport. …