National Day of the Republic of Sudan.(Opinion &Amp; Editorial)

Article excerpt

THE Republic of Sudan celebrates its National Day today. The country is located in north eastern Africa and is the largest country of the African continent.

The economy of Sudan is based on crop farming. Crop production in 2002 included large quantities of cereal grains, such as sorghum and wheat; root crops, such as potatoes and yams; and fruits, such as dates. Cotton is Sudan's leading cash crop.

Manufacturing is in the early stages of development and is largely confined to the processing of agricultural products. Textile and paper mills and sugar and petroleum refineries have been established. Construction materials such as cement are manufactured as well.

The primary natural resources of Sudan are water, supplied by the Nile River system, and fertile soil. Large areas of cultivable land are situated in the region between the Blue Nile and the Athara and between the Blue Nile and the White Nile. Other cultivable land is in the narrow Nile Valley and in the valleys of the plains region. The country also has small deposits of chrome, copper, and iron ore. Other exploited minerals include gold and magnesite. …