HOIDAY HOTSPOTS: Irish Magical History Tours!; See the World from the Back of a Luxury Coach

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HAVE you ever thought what would be the ultimate hassle-free holiday? One where you could travel from place to place but let others do all the work?

I mean wouldn't it be great to go on a driving holiday but have somebody else do all the driving?

And what about having somebody else to pick and book your hotels for you, and somebody else look after your luggage?

Then all you would have to do is look out at the scenery and relax as you are chauffered from place to place.

Take a look at the new 2003 Ulsterbus Coach Holidays brochure and you will find lots of other reasons, too.

Tours are offered to various parts of England and Scotland. And there is a wider choice than ever of European cities to see.

You can be driven in comfort around the Italian lakes, the Austrian and Swiss Alps or the Norwegian fjords, to name just some.

The tours start from Belfast but are planned to accommodate people all over Ireland, north and south. You can arrange a pick-up at various spots along the routes, such as Dublin, Dundalk and Newry.

And there are a few brand new features to this year's offering. The hills of Florence are on offer for the first time as is the 'Romantic Road' through Germany, visiting places like the fabulous Chateau Neuschanstein in Bavaria, the Black Forest and Strasbourg.

Also new is the 'Hansel and Gretal' countryside of Alsace/Lorraine in France, a trip which also includes Paris and a stop for a tasting in the Champagne region.

In England the new trip to the lovely seaside resort of Eastbourne on the south coast includes a day trip to France through the Channel Tunnel.

The tours come at a whole range of prices and range from 4-day trips at home to 12-day trips to Europe. But before heading off to see the world it's well worth taking time to see the glories of our own country first.

So Ulsterbus have put on the 12-day Irish Rover tour which takes you around some of the most beautiful parts of the island.

Picking up the coach in Belfast, you start with a 'living history' tour of the city, then move on to the north Antrim coast and places like Bushmills Ditillery and the Giant's Causeway before moving on to Derry to stay the night at the Everglades Hotel. …