EXHAUSTED: Limerick Lass Lisa in a Race against Time

Article excerpt


YOU'RE A Star singing sensation Lisa Bresnan has been laid low by exhaustion and a flu bug.

The Limerick songstress, who is pulling in more votes than any other girl on the hit show, was in a race against time to be ready for tonight's crucial televised heat.

Lisa is just one of nine singers still left competing to represent Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The 22-year-old teacher this week spent a few days in bed trying to recover.

"I must have picked up a virus from one of the kids at school. I am completely run down," she said.

"I had to come home from school and felt so miserable all I wanted was to go to bed.

"The doctor said I was completely run down and fatigued. My throat is killing me.

"Normally I would just carry on as normal and go to work but Sunday is looming and I am concerned."

But plucky Lisa said nothing would stop her appearing on tonight's show.

"I will not miss that, whatever happens. The past few weeks have been the best experience of my life.

"You do lose people you are close to because we are in each other's pockets for four days a week and we all get on so well."

Ironically, Lisa, didn't get voted through her original Galway heat by the public but was given a wild card by judge Darren Smith. …