STUDENTS VIDEO ROW; Middle East Expert Link Banned

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STUDENTS at Aston University are feuding with its bosses after a proposed video link with a US-based Middle East expert was banned.

Members of its anti-war society say they are puzzled as to why the live video link with Professor Edward Said, which had been due to take place on Friday, has caused the university to react in such a way.

Prof Said is a Christian Palestinian and is professor of English Literature at Columbia State University, America.

His books are standard reading in most University English departments, including Aston, and he was set to talk on the issue of Palestine and Israel.

University anti war society president Angela Foster, aged 21, said: 'They are scared that someone in the audience might say something to offend somebody in the university.

'We have offered to chair the meeting to stop anyone saying anything racist. It's a ridiculous argument, at what point can you control what people say at any meeting?'

But university registrar David Packman felt it was justified in its decision. …