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Cocaine cowboys Cert 18, 118m mins BEFORE COCAINE came to town via the Colombian drug barons, Miami was a nice, quiet place for a lot of old people to end their days. Or so Billy Corben says in this swingeing documentary about the Sunshine State's drug wars in the early Eighties, during which time the murder rate more than quadrupled and a lot of gangsters got very rich indeed.

His film, though much too long, details the appalling process, with testimony from some of the cocaine barons themselves. They recall Griselda Blanco, the worst of the species, who murdered three husbands and ordered her Weekend Warriors gang to wipe out entire families.

Grisly crime scene snaps accompany the story, which makes Miami Vice look like a tea party and Florida like hell on earth. "How many people have to die for a shiny skyline?", says a local writer, looking up at the present mounds of concrete and glass.

Wristcutters: A Love Story Cert 15, 84 mins .....

ROBERT Redford, who founded Sundance, the premier showcase for American independent cinema, once told me when I complained about the general standard of the festival that year that no one should be surprised to see just as much rubbish from

independents as from Hollywood. It's just a different kind of rubbish.

Goran Dukic's film proves his point.

It has Patrick Fugit cutting his wrists, entering an afterlife reserved for suicides and looking for his lost love. It is a staggeringly awful road movie, not much enlivened by the presence of Tom Waits as a wizened participant. Several festival prizes tell me I'm wrong, by the way..

Shrooms Cert 18) 84mins ..

THERE have been worse horror thrillers than this, but not many.

Paddy Breathnach's story follows five American college students on a camping trip in Ireland, where they eat too many magic mushrooms. …