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Let Us Not Forget: ... as we parse Huckabee, Obama's immense victory. Yes, it's early, yes, a lot could happen. But a man who could not have used certain restrooms forty years ago is in the center ring, not as a freak in the manner of Alberto Fujimori or Sonia Gandhi, nor even as a faction fighter in the style of Jesse Jackson, but as a real player. One of our great national sins is being obliterated, as the years pass, by the virtues of our national system. I don't agree with Obama and I don't particularly like him, but I am proud of this moment.

Rick Brookhiser

From The Corner

Simply put: he sounded like a president. The theme was not just change; it was a new unity. And as a black man, he helps heal the past as well as forge the future. This really was history tonight. To win so many white voices, and bring together so many minorities, and use the unifying language that leaves the toxins of race and partisanship behind: This was the moment America stopped being afraid.

Andrew Sullivan

From the Daily Dish

Huckabee made the best speech of the evening -- personal, direct, untechnical, and designed -- well, seemingly not designed but effortlessly succeeding in reaching people who generally tune politicians out. …