Tory Lead Cut but Labour's Core Vote Weakens

Article excerpt

The Conservative Party's lead has been cut but Labour is struggling to motivate its natural supporters, according to a monthly survey for The Independent.

The ComRes survey puts the Tories on 38 per cent (down three points on the previous month), Labour on 31 per cent (up one point), the Liberal Democrats on 17 per cent (unchanged) and other parties on 14 per cent (up two points). At a general election, those figures would result in a hung parliament, leaving the Tories 18 seats short of a majority.

The findings will disappoint David Cameron's party, which has enjoyed big leads of up to 16 points in other polls taken since last month's Budget, and raise Labour hopes that the Tories' lead can be clawed back.

However, the survey suggests Labour is not enthusing its core vote, echoing a warning at the weekend by the Health minister Ivan Lewis that the Government is "silent" on and "losing touch" with the daily realities facing families.

Only 49 per cent of Labour supporters are "absolutely certain" to vote in a general election, compared to 71 per cent of Tory supporters and 55 per cent of those who intend to back the Liberal Democrats. …