The London Street Where Your ID Is Most in Danger ; WHERE IDENTITY FRAUDSTERS STRIKE MOST

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PEOPLE living in affluent areas of London are five times more likely to become victims of identity fraud than those in the rest of the country, new figures reveal today.

Experts said identity crime had soared 66 per cent in a year, with fraudsters targeting some of London's most sought-after postcodes.

Areas in west London are among the worst affected, including fraud hotspots in Kensington, Richmondupon-Thames, Putney, Wimbledon and the Kings Road area of Chelsea where residents are up to three- anda-half times more likely to fall victim compared with the UK average.

People living in the SW17 6 postal area, which centres on College Gardens in Wandsworth Common, south-west London, are more at risk than any other address in Britain.

Residents there are almost five times more likely than the average to become a victim of identity fraud.

Other high risk areas include South Hampstead and Canary Wharf.

The research, by credit rating agency Experian, found London's ID fraud hubs are at risk because of their high-spending, mobile populations.

According to its fraud dossier, their residents are more likely to use high-class restaurants, clubs and other venues that the fraudsters are likely to target to obtain information. …