Architect of `Third Way' Attacks New Labour's Policy `Failures'

Article excerpt

AN ARCHITECT of Tony Blair's "Third Way" strategy has criticised New Labour's "failures" in important policy areas and urged the Government to shelve its plans to raise taxes to boost health spending.

Professor Tony Giddens, the intellectual guru who has most influenced Mr Blair, issues a frank "checklist" of Labour's successes and failures since 1997 in a new book. Extracts are published in The Independent today and tomorrow.

Singling out "spin" as one of the Government's biggest failures, he says: "The whole approach not only rebounded, it severely damaged Labour's image in ways from which it has proved difficult to recover. New Labour became thought of as empty of content, as lacking in substantive policies - a perception far from the reality."

Professor Giddens, director of the London School of Economics, attacks "the dismal saga of the Dome" and Labour's failure to curb "irresponsible business activity or corporate profiteering". He urges Mr Blair to crack down on "fat cats" and calls for a law linking boardroom pay more closely to performance and halting "scandalous" pay-offs when a firm fails. …