Will Keith Be a Pro and Visit the Trib?

Article excerpt

Sent via e-mail and the U.S. Postal Service:

Keith Olbermann


30 Rockefeller Plaza

3535 E

New York, New York


Dear Mr. Olbermann:

At first I couldn't understand it.

Relatives stopped calling. People who normally say hello to me at the grocery store refused to make eye contact. Smokin' Joe's on the South Side no longer carried my favorite microbrew.

I started to feel as though I was the worst person in the world.

I sought the counsel of an old friend, who dodged my calls for nearly a week before tersely telling me, "I can't talk to you anymore. Keith Olbermann isn't fond of your newspaper."

He explained that over the past few months, you have been making disparaging remarks about the Tribune-Review on your weeknight cable TV show, "Countdown."

At last I understood.

Your insults began in March, when Hillary Clinton stopped by our offices for a 90-minute session with Trib reporters and editors. The paper subsequently endorsed the New York senator for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The source of your ire appears to be the fact that Clinton and Tribune-Review owner Dick Scaife conversed civilly, despite having had some well-documented differences back in the 1990s.

You seemed to take great personal affront that people with opposing viewpoints on many issues could sit down and discuss them reasonably and rationally, like adults.

Whatever the reason, your occasional put-downs of the Trib occurred for the duration of Clinton's campaign. …