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united kingdom

1 (1) The Incredible Hulk (US) Louis Leterrier 1,870,800

2 (3) Indiana Jones... (US) Steven Spielberg 1,457,710

3 (2) Sex and the City (US) Michael Patrick King 1,210,550

4 (-) Adulthood (UK) Noel Clarke 1,203,319

5 (4) The Happening (US-Ind) M. Night Shyamalan 834,624

6 (5) Superhero Movie (US) Craig Mazin 502,329

7 (-) Teeth (US) Mitchell Lichtenstein 235,658

8 (6) Gone Baby Gone (US) Ben Affleck 199,642

9 (-) The Edge of Love (UK) John Maybury 180,837

10 (-) The Ruins (US) Carter Smith__123,507


united states

1 (-) Get Smart (US) Peter Segal $38.7m

2 (1) The Incredible Hulk (US) Louis Leterrier $22.1m

3 (2) Kung Fu Panda (US) Mark Osborne & John Stevenson__$21.9m

4 (-) The Love Guru (US) Marco Schnabel $13.9m

5 (3) The Happening (US-Ind) M Night Shyamalan $10.5m

6 (5) Indiana Jones... (US) Steven Spielberg $8.5m

7 (4) You Don't Mess with the Zohan (US) Dennis Dugan $7.5m

8 (6) Sex and the City (US) Michael Patrick King $6.5m

9 (7) Iron Man (US) Jon Favreau $4.0m

10 (8) The Strangers (US) Bryan Bertino $2.1m


As the Hollywoodblockbusters hold firm at the top of the charts this week, two very different British releases make their mark on the Top 10. Despite starring the newspaper-friendly pair of Keira Knightley (left) and Sienna Miller as the overlapping love interests of Wales's famously randy patron saint, Dylan Thomas, The Edge of Love entered the charts at No 9. The highest new entry was Adulthood at No 4, which took a remarkable 1.2m in its opening weekend, despite only showing on 157 screens (as compared to the top three films, which all screened on more than 450 sites). The film, written, directed by and starring Noel Clarke, is an ultra-violent but warmly witty sequel to 2006's Kidulthood, following the lives of the West London estate-dwellers as they try to grow up.


1 (1) Kung Fu Panda (US) Mark Osborne & John Stevenson $3.2m

2 (-) The Incredible Hulk (US) Louis Leterrier $2.2m

3 (-) The Happening (US) M Night Shyamalan $1.4m

4 (-) Big Stan (US) Rob Schneider__$0.7m

5 (3) My Mom's New Boyfriend (Ger-US) George Gallo $0.4m

6 (2) Indiana Jones... (US) Steven Spielberg $0.2m

7 (-) If I Had Known I Was a Genius (US) Dominique Wirtschafter $71,250

8 (6) Boogeyman 2 (US) Jeff Betancourt $61,544

9 (8) Pathology (US) Marc Schoelermann $58,716

10 (5) Narnia: Prince Caspian (UK-US) Andrew Adamson $40,816

rock & Pop albums

1 (1) Viva La Vida or Death... Coldplay (Parlophone) 2wks

2 (3) Rockferry Duffy (A&M) 16wks

3 (2) Home Before Dark Neil Diamond (Columbia) 6wks

4 (-) Skydivin' Darren Styles (All Around the World) 1wk

5 (4) 22 Dreams Paul Weller (Island) 3wks

6 (5) Here We Stand The Fratellis (Island) 2wks

7 (6) The Best Of Radiohead (Parlophone) 3wks

8 (-) Silent Cry Feeder (Echo) 1wk

9 (-) Little Voice Sara Bareilles (Columbia) 1wk

10 (16) Good Girl Gone Bad Rihanna (Def Jam) 55wks

Fresh from securing their first ever No 1 single, Coldplay are now the first band in several weeks to hold the album chart top spot for more than a single week. Selling another 197,000 copies this week, in 10 days Chris Martin and co have already shifted more than half a million copies of Viva la Vida Or Death and All His Friends. Dominating the chart are stars due to appear at Glastonbury - The Fratellis, Duffy and Neil Diamond - while new entries are Welsh rockers Feeder, with their sixth Top 10 album Silent Cry, and DJ Darren Styles (above), who brings dance into the rock- and pop- heavy chart. …