Football: World Cup Update; Log on and Stake a Claim for a Ticket

Article excerpt

Never mind the second and fifth metatarsals, it's the first digit on the hand that you want ready for action on 1 May. For that is when an estimated 160,000 World Cup tickets unsold by co-hosts South Korea go on worldwide sale over the internet.

The Koreans have been unable to sell their allocation of the combined 3.15 million they received with Japan; the main reason for the shortfall is thought to be that tickets were identically priced in Japan and South Korea, despite the difference in living costs between the countries.

Still on the injury front, England supporters can draw some cold comfort from the fact that they are not the only country with problems.

France, Germany, Spain and Italy are among those who have also been adversely affected, and now comes the news that Paulo Wanchope, the much-travelled Costa Rican, has a lesion on the inside of his right knee; the scorer of 34 goals in 43 international matches is a doubt. …