FASHION: You've Got the Look: This Week Gothic Revival ; Our Experts Take to the Streets to Find out What Real People Are Wearing, and Show You How to Recreate Their Style

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Candice Morgan, 19, from Hertfordshire, is studying environmental development at Durham University

I would describe my style as urban Gothic. I enjoy wearing different textures - satin and lace mixed with rubber and PVC. I like tactile fabrics.

I bought this cardigan in a little shop in Camden Lock. I liked the way it looks a bit like a waistcoat with tails at the back; it dresses up a boring outfit. Camden is one of my favourite shopping places - it has a brilliant atmosphere and I love looking at what everybody is wearing. I bought these jeans in a little shop in Cambridge. It is difficult for me to find jeans that fit well because I'm quite tall, but these are ideal. These trainers are by Gordonrock. They are cyber boots, really. They have a lip at the front - it stops you from falling over when you dance. My belt is from New Look; it cost pounds 9.99. It's chunky, so it makes quite a statement. …