Legal Clerk Continues His Fight to Challenge Barristers' Racism Test

Article excerpt

A SOLICITOR'S clerk who was racially abused by a senior barrister has won the first round in his legal battle to prove further allegations that he was called a "coon" and a "wog".

A High Court judge granted Eric Adusei permission yesterday to challenge the Inns of Court over its test for racism among barristers charged with disciplinary offences.

Mr Adusei wants a tribunal to rehear the case against Gordon Pringle - a leading criminal barrister and colleague of the black Labour minister Baroness Scotland of Asthal - who was found in February to have made racist remarks.

Mr Pringle was suspended from practising as a barrister for 12 months and fined pounds 1,000 after the Council of the Inns of Court accepted he had addressed Mr Adusei as a "blackamoor" but rejected evidence that he had also called him a "coon" and a "wog".

Mr Adusei, 35, from London, claims the tribunal misinterpreted the law in finding that Mr Pringle committed only two acts of misconduct, rather than the 10 charges of which he was accused. …