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This is all there is. You can click and click until you are as soft-blue in the face as the colours at this single-page site, and all you'll get are these alien heads popping back and forth, back and forth, just a simple but

incredibly effective piece of design. On rare occasisons, this being one of them, content needs design less than design needs content. If you're in the right frame of mind, it's not hard to imagine the screen inducing self-hypnotic images.


Somewhere else on the style-content continuum, but just as interesting to visit, is Transmission, which describes itself as a "bi-monthly e-zine for information junkies". This is the place for those interested in disecting the art of design. Good luck navigating the endless mini-popups that feature; somewhere in there are articles on creative luminaries. Wild window wading for the wow generation.

Another big "wow", and without the sort of sarcasm that phrase normally entails. The spectacular "On Mondular" machine brings out the hidden tweaker in you, as you endlessly fiddle with knobs and buttons - only instead of the usual audio wave changes such twiddling normally brings, the genius of this site is to alter and mould visual landscapes and abstracts from a Flasher's prettiest dreams.

An award-winning education site that employs animation to demonstrate to children that there's more than one way of looking at things on the path of knowledge. The graphics are simple and beautiful, featuring a figure walking through line drawings and discovering that not everything has to be the way it appears initially. An unusual site that should entertain adults and children alike.

It's not too late to get your last-minute begging letter to old St Nick and ensure your stocking is full come Wednesday morning. This site promises a reply from their top-notch team of elves, who are working round the clock to ensure that Father Christmas knows just what you want on the big day. …