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Enter a world of amateur film-making at this site, dedicated to short, live-action, animated and Flash-powered movies. Access to the internet, powerful home computers and increasingly simple-to-use production tools mean that an increasing number of people are now giving free rein to their artistic tendencies. Watch and rate the dozens of home- made (but still impressive) films here, which are helpfully broken down by genre, and accompanied by expansive information.

The internet is a strange place, inhabited by weirdos - that's a given. So, if a website describes itself as "beyond weird", just how strange can it be? Well, the slew of occult, supernatural and other materials here might include tips on tarot cards for spells, how to survive a nuclear war, and ramblings by Aleister Crowley. But hey, that doesn't mean the Devil will come and get you through your modem. Does it?

What future do you envisage for your kids? A nice job, decent house, a good education? Clean drinking water and regular food is what many African people want for their children. This volunteer charity takes aid to the heart of the continent, delivering much- needed water pumps and "loaned" animals, which can be passed on to others once they have produced offspring. Support it.

Google is still the premier search engine, but WiseNut offers a good alternative, with its straightforward style and ability to deliver related links. You can fine-tune searches for exact words or phrases, which is a big help if you're looking for something that includes a word with multiple meanings. However, unlike Google, WiseNut doesn't have a UK- or European-based search option. Until it does, Google will remain top dog.


Site-founder Marshall Brain (oh, how one imagines him being teased at school) was probably obsessed by how things work from an early age. In 1998, he started putting his diagrams and essays about the mechanics of engines on the internet. …