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Format: PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC Publisher: Codemasters Developer: Brain in a Jar Price: pounds 40

Codemasters has a reputation for eschewing the major motorsport licences in favour of lesser-known racing categories, and doing an unusually excellent job of converting these into electronic entertainment. IndyCar Series (featuring all the drivers and oval tracks, including the famous Indy 500 race) furthers the publisher's credibility in this area, and it may shock you to learn that there's more to it than rushing around in circles at 240mph. Strategic and tactical elements add welcome layers of complexity, and the experience is refreshingly different from most racing titles. IndyCar Series captures the intricacy of the sport with remarkable aplomb, and should engross serious racing-game fans with little difficulty.



Format: PC Publisher: Empire Developer: Sick Puppies Price: pounds 35

Though it is superficially similar to Electronic Art's franchise, it would be unfair to characterise Ghost Master as a title looking to capitalise on the massive success of The Sims. GM has more in common with the "god sim" genre than the voyeuristic, roleplaying elements to be found at the core of Sims games, and the experience is significantly different. You control a team of spectres, which you use to scare the inhabitants of Gravenville in order to manipulate them and discover the secrets of the locale. You have supernatural resources at your disposal, too, which you draw on to increase your spell repertoire. It's a beautiful, often humorous game, only slightly let down by an unnecessarily unwieldy control system.



Format: PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, PC Publisher: Vivendi Developer: Radical Entertainment Price: pounds 40

The game of the forthcoming film is essentially split between stealth missions, in which you play puny Bruce Banner, and the more interesting destruction levels, during which you get to play the mean green giant. …