IRAQ: THE HANDOVER: What Restored Sovereignty Means for Iraq's Economy, Security and Politics

Article excerpt


Interim government led by Prime Minister Iyad Allawi has "full sovereignty" according to the UN Security Council resolution. But it cannot make long- term policy decisions and has only limited control over making international agreements. It will be monitored by a national council with 100 members, to be chosen through a national conference in Baghdad in July.


Iraq does not have control over its borders. It will rely on about 160,000 US and coalition soldiers for internal security while police and armed forces are trained. A UN resolution gives the US- run multinational force authority "to take all necessary measures to contribute to the security and stability in Iraq". The interim government has the right to ask the troops to leave but has said it has no intention of doing so. The Iraqi government controls Iraqi soldiers, police and the national guard.


Paul Bremer's job as head of the Coalition Provisional Authority is dissolved and the CPA is abolished. …