German Eurovision Singer Refuses to Quit over Rigging

Article excerpt

Germany's entrant in the Eurovision Song Contest has rejected calls to quit after her producer admitted manipulating the country's pop charts with mass purchases of her single.

Gracia Baur, 22, has defended her producer David Brandes, who is also behind the Swiss entry Vanilla Ninja, and said that she would go to the finals in Kiev despite complaints from other German singers.

'I haven't done anything wrong,' said Baur, whose career began two years ago as a German Idol song contest finalist but faded when sales of a subsequent song fizzled. 'I'm guess I'm jinxed,' she told Bild am Sonntag. 'Every time things look like they're going well for me someone comes along with a frying pan and whacks me on the head.' A worldwide television audience of more than 100 million is expected to watch the 50th annual contest on 21 May, coming this year from the Ukrainian capital. It is one of the most eagerly awaited television programmes in Germany.

Brandes said he bought 2,000 copies of Baur's 'Run and Hide' to lift it in the charts and qualify it for the contest. …