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Lady Vengeance (18)

Tartan pounds 18.99

The final instalment in the Korean director Park Chan-wook's "revenge trilogy", following Sympathy for Mr Vengeance and Oldboy, finds a 33-year-old woman emerging from prison with retribution on her mind. Flashbacks reveal that Lee Geum-ja (Lee Young-ae) was convicted of murdering a five-year-old boy, but the truth concerns her ex-schoolteacher. With its stylised fantasy scenes and choppy narrative, Lady Vengeance is often too showy for its own good. But it is impressively orchestrated, with some arresting images, which linger in the mind after the credits have rolled.


Toto the Hero (15)

Second Sight Films pounds 19.99

Aboy is swapped at birth during a maternity-ward fire, leaving him feeling cheated out of a happier life by Alfred, his neighbour and lifelong nemesis. As in Lady Vengeance, revenge is a dish best served cold in Jaco Van Dormael's film (right), as the now-elderly Thomas (Michel Bouquet) plots the murder of the man who stole his life. A tragic, funny and oddly compassionate film. ****

Life on Mars: Series 1

(15) Contender pounds 38.50

One of this winter's surprise TV hits, Life on Mars stars John Simm as a detective catapulted back to mid-Seventies Manchester after a car accident leaves him in a coma. …