Credo: Simon Yates ; the Mountaineer Whose Adventures with Joe Simpson in Peru Were Featured in the Film Touching the Void'

Article excerpt

I believe I am most in tune with myself in extreme environments. The vastness and remoteness gives me a profound sense of freedom. It's where I feel most at home and where I feel I know what I'm doing.

I believe in trying to strike a balance between taking risks and being reasonably cautious. My friends, family and my daughter Maisie are very important. Obviously the risks I take are much greater than most normal people, but I'm happy to walk away from a project if I think the risk is too high.

I believe ifs vital to prepare mentally. In the beginning, the projects I do are just a dream. The lead into it, the preparation, and the visualisation, during which you get realy excited, is what enables you to live your dream.

I believe that most people don't explore their mental and physical abilities enough. In the Western world, we've moved away from living to our ful physical potential. The human body is a remarkable thing. Yet, other than adventurers and professional athletes, there are very few people who reach the point where they actualy know that. In societies where people have to walk, cycle or climb routinely, people have much more idea what their bodies are capable of.

I believe it helps in relationships to share a similar sense of humour. It helps you to get through the bad times more easily.

I believe you need to make time for relaxation. I enjoy watching sport, reading, gardening. I love to be active but these things help me regenerate.

I believe I did what anyone else would do with Joe. I see myself as somebody who did the best they could in a very bad situation. I tried to rescue him because it was the right thing to do. If I was in a similar situation on a mountain with somebody, I would hope and expect that they would try and get me off- that's part of the deal.

I believe that there are situations where you can't rescue somebody, where you do have to walk away. …