Letter: Falling Stars

Article excerpt

Sir: You talk of how the media "became obsessed with the cult of celebrity". The media may be obsessed, and celeb broadcasting and publishing attracts viewers and readers, but does this then mean celebrity association is good for brand marketers? Our research would suggest not.

Several celebrity endorsements or associations have gone wrong - Kate Moss, Angus Deacon, David Beckham and Billy Connolly have all caused problems for sponsors. Our research, conducted through Marketing UK, asked marketers from a sample of the top 1,000 British companies what they thought were the most successful techniques at building long-term customer relationships. We found that celebrity endorsements ranked last, beneath loyalty schemes, sales promotions, effective call centres and even display advertising as a whole. One well-known commentator on celebrity endorsement conceded that research does indeed show celebrities are used in only about 20% of adverts, and that they are not on balance more successful than the other 80%. …