The Ten Best Software Packages

Article excerpt

1 Apple iLife'06 (Mac)

pounds 55

This package lets you edit and share photos, videos and music in dozens of ways, from burning home movies to creating Podcasts and even constructing websites in minutes.' 08000391010

2 Office Professional 2003 (PC)

pounds 400

Each of the Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and Publisher) has become standard in its field. An updated Office 2007 will be on sale from January.' 08706 010100

3 Photoshop Elements 4.0 (PC/Mac)

pounds 65/pounds 60

You don't need to be a darkroom fanatic to want good image editing software. This version of Adobe's professional Photoshop package has nearly all the power of its big brother.' 020-86061100

4 Novell SuSE Linux 10.0 (PC)

pounds 40

Linux is an Open Source operating system that can replace Windows. This contains the latest version, plus more than 4,000 programs. Some PC knowledge will help.' 01344 724 000

5 ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite (PC)

pounds 40

This one-stop package protects from hackers, crackers, phishers and identity thieves, as well as the thousands of net viruses. The price includes a year of automatic updates.

6 Norton Ghost 10.0 (PC)

pounds 40

Hard drives can and do fail. …