Drug Could End the Despair of Premature Ejaculation

Article excerpt

Hope for men affected by one of the commonest and most embarrassing sexual problems has been raised by research showing premature ejaculation can be treated with a new drug.

The drug, dapoxetine, more than trebled the time to ejaculation in men taking the highest dose as well as improving their sexual satisfaction and that of their partners.

It was effective even for those who suffered the worst symptoms, ejaculating within seconds of penetration, according to the American researchers who publish their findings in The Lancet. Premature ejaculation affects between a fifth and a third of men and can lead to the breakdown of relationships.

The condition is widely under-treated but increasing numbers of men have been obtaining antidepressants, which are known to work even though they are not licensed for it.

Men taking antidepressants often report a capacity to "last" longer. But, the drugs can cause skin problems, weight gain and loss of libido. …