Jewelry That Dangles Adds Sparkle, Flow

Article excerpt

Let it all hang down.

Earrings, necklaces and bracelets that dangle give an outfit an eye-catching sparkle that moves as you do.

You will see dangly jewelry made from semi-precious stones, faux gem stones, moonstone and tiger eye. These earrings have slinkly chains, chandeliers, today are lighter than in the past because of the materials they are made from so they don't stretch out your earlobes. Bracelets often are made of multi chains, fringe, multicolored beads and charms.

Necklaces have fringe and chain-link loops. Some have double and even triple layers.

"Dangly jewelry is a very big trend," says Amber Herring, accessories editor for Self.

"You can find some colorful and fun pieces that update an outfit with just one piece of jewelry," she says. "A lot of these accessory pieces have a tribal influence, some made of wood in earthy tones or ethnic prints. Big bangles and dangly earrings in colorful prints are great."

If you decide to try this trend, do it one piece at a time, Herring says. Mix the bold piece with your everyday jewelry so that the one dangly accessory makes a statement. Keep the look more subtle for the office by pairing it with basic black.

"This trend can go from casual to dressy depending on what you wear with it," Herring says. "You will see this trend carry into fall. What's nice about dangly jewelry is you can find it at all price points. So you can try it and not have to spend a lot of money trying it."

Dangly jewelry is definitely ethnic inspired, says Gregg Andrews, fashion director at Nordstrom.

"It's a modern take on global themes, so it's not about the literal interpretation," he says. "We are seeing a lot of jewelry that dangles that has intricate cutouts and patterns and designs that conjure up images of the Middle East. …