Pope John Paul II 'Cured' Nun from beyond the Grave

Article excerpt

A FRENCH nun has spoken publicly of her "miraculous" cure from Parkinson's disease which the Vatican last week officially declared to have been an "intercession" from beyond the grave by Pope John Paul II.

Sister Marie Simon-Pierre's abrupt recovery in 2005 from the crippling symptoms of the incurable disease will be one of the principal justifications for the "fast-track" beatification of the late Pope in Rome on 1 May.

At her first full press conference, Sister Simon-Pierre, 49, said that she had woken on 3 June 2005 - three months after John Paul II's death - "completely transformed. I felt an interior peace and strength, like a second birth." The "intense pain" and shaking that had forced her to retire from her job as a maternity nurse had "completely disappeared", she said.

The nun said that she had always felt "spiritually close" to the Polish Pope, who had also suffered from Parkinson's disease. Just before facing the press, she said: "I asked him to stand close by me." In May 2005, her order, the Little Sisters of Maternity, started to pray to him for her recovery. …