Brand It like Beckham: David Signs Up to Replace Jamie Oliver as Face of Sainsbury's

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When the Beckhams moved to Los Angeles, Victoria had one regret: "What I will miss is M&S," she said.

"I missed it when I first moved to Madrid and it is the first shop I go to when I'm back."

But despite that ringing endorsement, her husband has just signed a 3.5m deal to become the new face of Sainsbury's, the retailing rival of his wife's essential store.

The former England football captain will appear in cinema and television adverts for Sainsbury's, front the company's Active Kids campaign and promote its sponsorship of the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

The announcement comes after celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, said he would step down as the face of the supermarket at Christmas, concluding an 11-year partnership. Beckham's fee is higher than the 1.2m a year Oliver is believed to have received.

The Los Angeles Galaxy star, 36, could earn up to 5m, sources said, if the association is extended until after the London Olympics next year.

The endorsement will top up the 12m a year Beckham already receives from his partnerships with Armani, Adidas and other brands.

The adverts will feature the footballer encouraging more children to take up one of the Paralympic sports.

He said: "I know the difference leading a healthier and more active life can make to kids and I have been really impressed with the long-term commitment that Sainsbury's has made."

He will join existing Active Kids ambassador, Ellie Simmonds, the Paralympic swimmer.

The supermarket said it had donated more than 115m of equipment to schools and sports clubs in an attempt to stem the growth of obesity and inactivity among children. It also aims to get more than a million children to try a Paralympic sport in its 1 Million Kids Challenge.




Jamie Oliver's 11-year relationship spawned 100 TV adverts and numerous best-selling products. Sales of nutmeg soared by 400 per cent after a 2005 advert. Oliver clashed with the retailer during his campaign against battery hens and Sainsbury's stopped selling the eggs. …