Bay State Court Approves Adoption by Homosexuals

Article excerpt

STATE courts sent conflicting messages last week about whether homosexual parents should be allowed to adopt children.

First, a Virginia judge ruled that a lesbian was unfit to raise her biological two-year-old son and awarded custody of the boy to the woman's mother. But in Massachusetts on Friday, the state Supreme Court ruled that a lesbian couple could adopt a five-year-old girl.

Central in both cases was the fact that the parents seeking adoption were not married. Massachusetts, like all other states, does not recognize same-sex marriages. But a majority of the Bay State court said that nothing in state law prevent joint adoption by a homosexual couple.

Two of the dissenting justices said they did not disapprove of the couple's homosexuality but interpreted state law as only permitting joint adoptions by married people. A third justice agreed with that point while also objecting to the women's lifestyle.

Other states that allow homosexual adoptions include California, Alaska, Vermont, New York, and Washington. The District of Columbia also allows these adoptions. Corruption in Rhode Island

Yet another corruption scandal is roiling Rhode Island politics. Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas Fay has stepped aside temporarily pending resolution of a criminal case against him and an investigation into his handling of a special checking account at the Supreme Court that state auditors said funded inappropriate expenses. Justice Fay has pleaded innocent to three misdemeanor charges of violating state ethics laws by steering legal work to a business partner.

Rep. Jack Reed (D) of Rhode Island has called on the chief judge to resign. "I think it would be best to resign to lift the cloud over the court and to get on with the business of justice and government here in Rhode Island," Mr. …