Globo Media Organisation Apologises for Supporting Brazil's Dictatorship

Article excerpt

The network comes clean about working as the propaganda wing between 1964 and 1985

Globo, the biggest media organisation in South America, has publicly apologised in an editorial for acting as the propaganda arm of Brazil's military dictatorship between 1964 and 1985.

After nearly 50 years of denying that it had any involvement with the military regime, the Marinho family, the long-standing owners of the company, placed a 1,300-word mea culpa in the errors section of O Globo, its Rio de Janeiro newspaper, at the weekend.The editorial, which was also published online, admitted that the group network regretted not publishing the statement before the anti-government protests erupted in June this year.

During the demonstrations its broadcasting arm, Rede Globo, was targeted by protesters in several cities. Last week the TV station's headquarters in Sao Paulo was the target of graffiti and manure bombs in a series of protests by the groups Anonymous and Black Bloc.

"The truth is hard. Globo supported the dictatorship," the editorial said. "Following many years of internal discussions, the Globo organisation recognises that, in the light of history, this support was a mistake.

"The protesters gave us even more certainty that the internal evaluation was correct and recognising our error was necessary."

Noticeably, many of Brazil's major news organisations did not carry the apology. Critics said this is because during military rule, many were also complicit. In its statement, Globo named O Estado de Sao Paulo, Folha de Sao Paulo, Jornal do Brasil and Correio da Manha as news agencies that allegedly agreed with the military intervention. …