Women's Legislative Day Set for March 7 in OKC

Article excerpt

Groups from across the state will be at the Capitol on March 7 to promote issues affecting women. The annual Women's Legislative Day is presented by the Oklahoma Legislative Coalition.

"Our goal is to get women more involved in government, including encouraging more women to run for office as well as promote issues that affect women and girls," said Connie Douglas, legislative chair for the Oklahoma Federation of Business and professional Women's Clubs.

Information will be available on pending legislation affecting women, including House Bill 1897 by state Rep. Rebecca Hamilton, D- Oklahoma City. The bill would make physical abuse of a pregnant woman a felony.

Under the bill, anyone convicted of beating a pregnant woman would face a minimum sentence of three years in prison. Anyone attacking a pregnant woman in an attempt to cause a miscarriage would face a minimum sentence of five years in prison, and those with multiple offenses facing at least 10 years in prison.

"There will be a lot of information available on how to approach legislators on specific issues of interest and how to truly be a part of the future of our state," said Douglas. …