Policemen Win Pay-Out over TV Libel

Article excerpt

THREE POLICEMEN who were accused in a television programme of fabricating evidence against a prisoner charged with the brutal killing of his cell-mate left court yesterday with their reputations restored after a libel settlement believed to total around pounds 2m.

Granada Television apologised and agreed to pay "substantial" damages - thought to be pounds 100,000 to each officer - plus their estimated pounds 1.2m legal costs, over allegations in a World in Action programme broadcast in April 1992. It is possibly the biggest settlement by a television company.

The High Court in London heard that Sgt Peter Bleakley and PC Emlyn Welsh, and former PC Paul Giles were caused "very great distress" and damage to their reputations by what they saw as a suggestion that they were involved in a cover-up to hide the fact that Patrick Quinn - who was beaten to death at Hammersmith police station, west London, on Christmas Eve 1990 - was killed by a police officer. …