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Winner of the week

'ULLO JOHN, want a new motor? One that might, just might, snap Jeremy Clarkson's knicker elastic at 100 yards? pounds 28,500 only. Redolent of Jaguars of the past, the new

S-type uses many of the old Jag trademarks, not seen for a few years: oval grille, curvy rear window treatment, sloping boot. Plus wood and leather. Fans should be delighted. Very Inspector Morse. Very Michael Heseltine. And, let us not forget, very John Prescott. Coiffure of the week NOW, MR Prescott does indeed favour the grace, pace, and space of the Jaguar over "wind in the hair" motoring. But is that because he fears for his barnet? Auberon Waugh thinks so. He makes this outrageous claim in the New Statesman: "It is a vital clue to the character of this powerful man, and the nature of his urge to power, that he wears a wig." Surely not? John Prescott is a "what you see is what you get" politician, with a well known disdain for "image-makers", and, presumably, for wig- makers too. You can't see him having much to do with the namby-pamby world of artificial hair. Examine the evidence of the Prescott pate (top) in 1974, and today. True, there is a remarkable constancy in both the style and the hairline. But is it likely that he would be putting his head on the block with the same hairpiece a quarter of a century on? …