Fashion: Cuba Libre on the Street A Trendy Cuban Art Show Party. but What to Wear?

Article excerpt

Luke Day, 22, junior fashion editor of `Attitude' magazine, from London. Wears second-hand Harley-Davidson T-shirt belonging to his flatmate, vintage zip-up jogging top by Nike borrowed from a friend, bag by YMC.

"I came here tonight because it's a good opportunity to see Cuban art and I really enjoy going to Duffer parties. This is my out-of- the-office look; I look smarter than this for work. If I went in like this they'd probably think I was a shoplifter. I'm always changing my hair style, it used to be very Joan of Arc but now it's more choirboy. I generally enjoy shopping and I especially love the Maharishi section in Selfridges."

Karen Weeks, 24, manager of The Loft in London's Covent Garden, from Kent. Wears shirt by Armani, tie by Vivienne Westwood. "I work in a second-hand designer clothes shop, so I get most of the clothes I like at reasonable prices. We get some really nice stuff. I'm waiting for some Alexander McQueen. I first heard about him when I was at college but then I went travelling and came back and by that time he'd got really big. I also like Owen Gaster, he does good trousers. This is quite typical of the sort of thing I would usually wear. I prefer to wear what I like rather than follow fashion trends. …