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the victory of ergonomics over aesthetics in cases like the Nissan Micra and ibook

SARTORIAL ELEGANCE doesn't come cheap, but it can come easy. The latest clothing site for men is, which aims to recreate the traditional gentleman's outfitters. You can choose outfits from a range including Gieves & Hawkes, Thomas Pink, Cerruti 1881, Mulberry and Links of London; everything from underwear to cuff links. And if you've got the dress nouse of William Hague and aren't sure which tie to wear with which suit, the style guru, a sort of on-line John Inman, will happily suggest one for you. But the best thing about this site is the after-sales service - once you've stepped out in your new gear the express laundry service will have it cleaned, pressed and on your desk in less than three hours.

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THE WORLD craves its furry icons - now that Flat Eric is no more, a replacement is needed. Welcome then the dancing hamsters. They began life on the website, strutting their stuff to a tune from Disney's Robin Hood, and soon caught the ear of veteran talent-spotter John Peel. Cue a record sampled by The Cuban Boys, and now Radio 1 listeners can't get enough of these super furry animals. The catchy ditty looks set to be the millennium party song and could well make the Christmas Number One spot. A silly dance that we'll all be embarrassed to perform at the office party will follow. Come back Orville - all is forgiven.

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