Podium George W Bush: My Foreign Policy Will Have a Touch of Iron

Article excerpt

From a campaign speech by the US presidential candidate delivered at Bob Jones University, Greenville, South Carolina

EVERY POLITICAL campaign - every political victory - is empty unless it is used for some great purpose. In this election, we have a chance - not just to elect a new president - but to set a new direction for America.

I take this challenge seriously. I have a specific, positive agenda of change and reform.

First, I will work to restore standards, discipline and decency to our public schools.

I'm going to take the side of teachers who enforce discipline and safety, so our children can learn without fear. I'm going to fight against the soft bigotry of low expectations that traps disadvantaged children in failure. A Bush administration will bring new hope through charter schools and parental choice.

Second, I will respect and rebuild our military. Our nation still has determined enemies, who resent our values and hate our successes. The Evil Empire has passed, but evil remains.

We will take care of our current armed forces - adding a billion dollars a year in salary increases. We will restore morale with better training, better treatment, and better pay. We will begin creating the military of the future - so our defences are always superior to any threat. And yes, I will make an unyielding commitment to develop and deploy an anti- ballistic missile defence to protect our allies, our people and our country.

But, let me tell you some things I won't do.

I won't run our armed forces ragged with no thought for tomorrow, driving our military like a rental car. For this administration, a strong defence is something they expect from their lawyers.

My administration will return to the American tradition of leadership and strength. I will have a foreign policy with a touch of iron, guided by American values and American interests.

Third, I will return honour and dignity to the White House.

The current president pledged the most ethical administration in American history. As it turned out, he fell about 41 presidents short. …