Open Eye: What Makes the Psychologists Tick? ; Society Provides Support for a World-Wide Membership

Article excerpt

ALMOST from the moment the University began to offer courses to students in Psychology, there was an Society to support them.

The organisation, which was inevitably to become better known by the acronym OUPS, was set up in 1974 to provide academic and social support for its members through their undergraduate years and beyond. Those twin aims remain at the heart of the society and its activities today.

Support is provided through events organised in the shape of talks, workshops and revision sessions, which have given members the chance to learn at first hand from people who have had a major impact on psychology in the last half of the 20th century.

Guest speakers have included Bhurrus Skinner, Noam Chomsky, Roger Schank, Philip Zimbardo, Donald Broadbent, Hans Eysenck, Philip Johnson Laird, John Bowlby, and Michael Argyle.

The society and its membership have grown into a network that echoes the OU's own pattern of regions, and events have been staged as far away as Switzerland and Gibraltar. …