Go Higher - London and the South East: A-Z of Universities and Higher Education Colleges in London and the South-East

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Anglia Polytechnic: Ex-poly, in spite of name. Sites all over East Anglia; 13,000 students, 60 per cent over 21.

Contact: 01245 493131

Birkbeck College: The place to go if you missed the boat at 18. Almost all part-time mature students.

Contact: 020-7631 3000

Brighton: (above) Ex-poly. Many courses with strong European focus.

Contact: 01273 600900

Brunel: Strong techno base. It has diversified widely. Four sites in west London.

Contact: 01895 274000

Buckingham: UK's only private uni. Pioneered two-year degrees.

Contact: 01280 820338

Cambridge: Ancient, elite uni, less worldly than Oxford and better at attracting state school pupils.

Contact: 01223 332200

City: Ex-college of advanced technology, it's a uni for business and professions. Close links to the City.

Contact: 020-7477 8000

Cranfield: Mostly postgraduate. Main undergrad study areas include agriculture and defence.

Contact: 01234 751122

East Anglia: Outside Norwich, child of the Sixties. Creative writing under Poet Laureate, Andrew Motion. Plenty of biotechies too.

Contact: 01603 456161.

East London: Ex-poly, it's very East London. Kaleidoscopic ethnic mix. Brand new futuristic complex just opened by Mayor Ken.

Contact: 020-8590 7000

Essex: Once wild Essex, now New Labour of universities, having grown respectable and academic.

Contact: 01206 8733333

Goldsmiths College: Exciting, in gritty and grotty part of south- east London. Produces some of Britain's best-known modern artists, including enfant terrible Damien Hirst.

Contact: 020-7919 7171

Greenwich: Ex-poly and the place to be in the year 2000 for wonderful views of the glorious Millennium Dome.

Contact: 020-8331 8000

Hertfordshire: Flagship ex-poly has grown a lot, but kept status in computer science and engineering.

Contact: 01707 284000

Imperial College: For brainy anoraks. Tip-top reputation. Superior teaching, research staff.

Contact: 020-7589 5111

King's College: Good academic standards with multicultural and social mix. Hot on theology.

Contact: 020-7836 5454

Kingston: Ex-poly, famous for art and design as well as for business courses and aerospace engineering.

Contact: 020-8547 2000

London Guildhall:

Ex-poly which specialises in degrees for City and professional exams, eg banking, tax.

Contact: 020-7320 1000

LSE: International powerhouse that still retains traces of the high- minded radicalism from the era of Sidney and Beatrice Webb.

Contact: 020-7405 7686

Luton: Recruits heavily through Clearing. Has around 9,000 of 15,000 students on degree courses.

Contact: 01582 734111

Middlesex: Big ex-poly with 22,000 students, many mature and from overseas. Takes around 1,000 students who are work-based.

Contact: 020-8362 5000

North London: (above) Ex-poly with name for past student militancy. Reputation now rests on access.

Contact: 020-7607 2789

Oxford: Dreaming spires. Highly specialised courses, heavy workload, tutorial system with tutor/student ratio of one to three at most. …