Cinderella Ending for Animation as Academy Awards Create First New Oscar in Two Decades

Article excerpt

CINDERELLA, GET your ballgown on, and ditch that pumpkin for a stretch limo. Cartoon films are getting an Academy Award of their own, the first new Oscar category in two decades.

Currently, animated features compete against live-action movies in the best-picture category. The only feature-length cartoon ever nominated for best picture, Beauty and the Beast in 1992, did not win.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences board has voted to create a separate category for animated features, which will be added to the annual awards on a case-by-case basis. Animated feature Oscars could be handed out as early as March 2002, the academy said.

The decision marks an end to a long-running battle by animators to have their films submitted to a separate Oscar category. Now films submitted in the animated feature category may also qualify for nominations in other areas, including best picture.

The award will not differentiate between traditional, hand-drawn animation such as Disney's The Lion King, computer animation, such as Toy Story 2, and stop-motion and claymation works, like Chicken Run. …