Open Eye: No Questions Are Barred on New Internet Sex-Line

Article excerpt

A TEENAGERS' sex-education project has taken off on the Internet. Now young people all over the world can avoid those embarrassing stork and gooseberry bushes stories and get to the nitty gritty, in private.

Chris Mayer, a school health nurse from Chester, hopes this will lead to children being more aware of sex issues and avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexually-transmitted disease. He admits he had to be persuaded to go into nursing eight years ago but now says that he thoroughly enjoys his challenging occupation.

Now 32, with a five-year-old daughter, Chris graduated from the OU in December with a BSc from the School of Health and Social Welfare. As part of his course he decided to design a leaflet called Boys' Talk which explained bodily changes during puberty and could be handed out after sex education talks in primary schools.

On graduating he and a colleague, Christina Macallister, then went on to develop a ten-page booklet called Let's Talk About Sex and that, in turn, has become a website from which children can gather information about all aspects of sex and sexual health, as well as e-mail their own questions.

Chris says: "It's a myth that all teenagers are `doing it'. In any classroom of 15-year-olds I go into, about a third will not be doing it, a third might be thinking about it and a third are definitely doing it.

"Some people claim that telling children about it will result in their going off and doing it, but this is not so. …