Beauty: Sweet Bird of Youth ; the New Wonder Ingredient for Cosmetics, Fresh from America, Is Emu Oil. Ingrid Kennedy Reports

Article excerpt

Best known for attacking Michael Parkinson, the emu seems an unlikely source of the elixir of youth. Yet emu oil is the latest wonder ingredient to find its way into cosmetics. This unguent had been used as a moisturiser by Aborigines for thousands of years before being "discovered" in America in the early Nineties. Its youth-giving properties are extolled by an older generation of Hollywood stars, including Demi Moore, Melanie Griffith and Goldie Hawn. Now the Dremu range of eight beauty products, all containing emu oil, has arrived in Britain.

"The oil is a natural collagen, which is able to penetrate more deeply into the skin than most moisturisers," says Julie Brumlik, the founder of Dremu. Furthermore, she adds, it stimulates collagen production, boosts skin elasticity, has anti-inflammatory properties and can help treat eczema and psoriasis, soothe irritations such as shaving rash and reduce the appearance of stretchmarks. Studies at the University of Texas show that emu oil is also less likely to clog pores and cause acne than other oils. …